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Implementation Team Update June 30, 2014

Bethel University Library’s celebration to launch Summon.

SUMMON MARKETING AND TRAINING. The Implementation Team is collecting CLIC library photos and publicity materials promoting Summon. See above for photos from Bethel’s creative campaign, Accio Resources. The CLIC Board has asked the Implementation Team to assemble a task force to develop a Summon best practices guide that explains what Summon is and that provides basic information for frontline staff and trainers.

INTOTA ASSESSMENT (IA). The Implementation Team is working on completion of DRS forms for e-resources data for IA. Steve Waage has enlisted the assistance of the Mapping Task Force to review a set of fields for Millennium records for IA. Our Team goal is to have IA in place by the end of the summer, with training for CLIC library staff later in August.

INTOTA-E. CLIC is hosting a demonstration of Intota-E on July 23. Further details to follow. Check with your Implementation Team representative if you are interested in attending.

Questions? Ask your Implementation Team representative!

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