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Implementation Team Update, April 21, 2014

The Implementation Team has been meeting twice a month with Ashley DeHaye, CLIC’s  ProQuest Implementation Manager. Starting with today’s meeting, we will post progress reports from our meetings on clic-announce and on the CLIC Blog, with a link from CLIC’s Facebook page.

MAPPING AND TESTING SUMMON: CLIC’s Implementation Team has been hard at work for the past three months setting up our Summon 2.0 instances and working with the Mapping Task Force to customize our mapping to meet CLIC library needs.  We are in the process of testing the latest ingestion, and we expect at least one more ingestion before going live with Summon 2.0 on June 1, 2014. [Note: UST’s date may vary.]

OPTIMIZING SUMMON: The Implementation Team is working with ProQuest trainers to learn more about optimizing Summon for our libraries’ needs. Some of the areas under investigation are LibGuides, Recommended Databases, and the WorldCat API.

TRAINING: The Implementation Team also coordinated Summon training in February, March, and April.  If you missed any of the sessions, the training webinars were recorded and will be available for three months. Please check with the CLIC Office or with your Implementation Team representative for log-in information to view archived events. 

Check out CLIC’s test sites for Summon at:

Questions?  Ask your Implementation Team representative.

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