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Register now for April 3 Assessment Mini-Workshop: Measurement Tools and Data Assessment Technologies

How does your library measure for assessment? On April 3, CLIC is offering a mini-workshop where speakers from the University of Minnesota, Northwestern College, and Concordia University will address three examples in use at their libraries. Please join us for this informative session!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.,

Assessment mini-workshop: Measurement Tools and Data Assessment Technologies

Program Description: Presenters will cover measurement tools and data assessment techniques used at their libraries, including User-defined Valued Metrics for Electronic Journals, LibQUAL+®, and Google Forms.
Presenters: Katherine Chew, Jim Stemper, Caroline Lilyard, and Mary Schoenborn of the University of Minnesota Libraries; Greg Argo and Zach Moss, Concordia University; and Jessica Nelson Moore, Northwestern College.
Location: Concordia University, Room LTC 215
Cost: CLIC library staff – free. Non-CLIC – $10.00.
Registration: Pre-registration is required for CLIC and non-CLIC attendees. To register, please email Maureen Fitzgerald at

1:00 p.m. User-defined valued metrics for electronic journals, presented by Katherine Chew, Jim Stemper, Caroline Lilyard, and Mary Schoenborn of the University of Minnesota Libraries.
2:15 p.m. LibQUAL+®, presented by Jessica Nelson Moore, Northwestern College, Berntsen Library
3:00 p.m. Google Forms, presented by Greg Argo and Zach Moss, Concordia University St. Paul, Library Technology Center
4:00 p.m. Adjourn

Presentation descriptions:
User-defined valued metrics for electronic journals.
For years, libraries have searched for usage metrics to help make tough journal retention decisions that also resonate with their users, as nearly every available usage metric has its own unique limitations. For this study, user value was assessed in three categories: utility / reading value, quality / citing value, and cost effectiveness. Using correlation analysis, the project combines and compares these metrics to determine the value academic users assign to electronic journal collections via journal article download and citation activity. What emerges is a granular picture of journal usage trends at the disciplinary level, creating a customized and powerful approach to collection management.

In order to assess library service quality, the Berntsen Library at Northwestern College administered the LibQUAL+® survey to NWC’s students and faculty in 2008 and 2012. The LibQUAL+® survey revealed patrons’ perceived and desired levels of service for 22 dimensions of service quality. The survey results, including the optional comments added by survey participants, have been beneficial in the assessment and improvement of library services.

Google Forms.
Libraries continually need to collect, share, display, analyze, comment on, update, and archive data. Google Apps and associated Google Apps have afforded the Concordia University Library an open, creative method for collecting and managing data across a variety of library operations. Bring your wifi-ready laptop if you would like to participate in this hands-on demonstration of a few possible uses of Google Forms for library assessment.

Speaker bios:
In her over thirty year library career, Katherine Chew has worked in Air Force Base Libraries, hospital, clinic and academic medical libraries. She is currently the Associate Director for Research, Collections and Access Services for the Health Sciences Libraries at the University of Minnesota and received her MLS from the University of Minnesota
Jim Stemper is the licensing coordinator at the University of Minnesota Libraries, and chair of its Library Assessment Infrastructure project. The project goal is to develop framework, implement infrastructure, and provide organizational capacity to capture, manage, and exploit data about activity and use of Libraries’ assets that enables strategic directions and assessment.
Caroline Lilyard holds the MPA from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at University of Minnesota and MLIS from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her research interests include research communities, corporate involvement in humanitarian aid and social entrepreneurship. As collection manager for 6 departments, she feels selection metrics are a critical evaluative tool.
Mary Schoenborn is the University of Minnesota Libraries liaison to the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and the Carlson School of Management. Mary holds a master’s degree from the Humphrey School. Her areas of research interest include public and nonprofit management/leadership and global development policy.
Jessica Nelson Moore is the Reference/Instruction Librarian at the Berntsen Library of Northwestern College. She received her MLIS degree from the University of Western Ontario. Her research interests include library assessment, the causes and prevention of plagiarism, and the application of copyright law to academic settings.
Greg Argo is the Reference, Cataloging, Web, & Electronic Resources Librarian at Concordia University. Greg holds a Master of Science in Information Science from the School of Information at the University of Texas. His interests span the technical, psychological, and organizational needs for and barriers to implementing new technologies and systems.
Zach Moss is the Concordia University Library Operations Manager, handling circulation, student supervision and training, acquisitions, reserves, and media. He previously worked in the Duke University Library system as a Student Manager while getting his undergraduate degree in English and Theater Studies from the university. As the person responsible for all student supervision, he is constantly searching for new and effective tools to enhance the never-ending process of training. 

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.,
Assessment mini-workshop: Measurement Tools and Data Assessment Technologies
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