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CLIC Announces our Alma/Primo Pre-Implementation Launch!

CLIC Colleagues,

The CLIC Implementation Team (I-Team) is officially announcing the Alma/Primo Pre-Implementation Launch!  What is that, you ask?

Well, as you know, we will be going live with Ex Libris’s Alma as our library system and Primo as our user search interface on May 31, 2017.  That date is approaching quickly!

Ex Libris and CLIC will start implementing these new systems in earnest in mid-November 2016.  However, Ex Libris has deemed the period from now through mid-November as the “Pre-Implementation” period (also called “Getting Started” in some of their documentation).  This is a time to get ourselves organized for the hard work of migrating our data to Alma/Primo, configuring both systems, and testing everything before that big May 31st date.

Here is what that means for CLIC.  Starting now:

CLIC Committees will familiarize themselves with Alma and Primo functionality, decide if any Millennium data needs to be cleaned up before we migrate, and review current policies for any changes we might need to make before moving to Alma.

Each Committee will have a liaison from the I-Team helping them with this process.  Your liaison will contact your Committee later this week to say hello and so you can start working together.  This is a good time to remind everyone that even if you are not your institution’s official representative on a Committee, you can still attend meetings and join in the conversation!

→ There is a new CLIC web page to keep everyone up to date on implementation activities:  There is a link to that site on the main CLIC web page, in the green ribbon at the top of the page.  You’ll find everything you need to know there, including:

  • A link to a great overview of Ex Libris’s method for implementing Alma and Primo.  The I-Team recommends that everyone read this document to familiarize yourself with the process we will be going through from now through next summer: Rapid Implementation Methodology
  • Sign up for our new Alma/Primo migration email list!  This list provides a place for all CLIC staff members to discuss Alma and Primo issues, share tips, and ask questions.  I-Team members are on the list, too, and ready to help with problems or questions.
  • Each institution’s local implementation team will also be a source of information and will help make local decisions.   If you do not already have a local team, you can expect to hear from this group in the coming weeks.

Take a look at the web page and let us know if you have any questions.  We will be adding information periodically (and we’ll send updates about that to the clic-migration list!).

Here we go!


CLIC Implementation Team

Greg Argo

Nate Farley

Rhonda Gilbraith

Meg Manahan

Jon Neilson

Amy Shaw

Heather Tompkins

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