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I-Team Update, September 19

It’s a new school year, and the I-Team is moving full-steam ahead to complete the Pre-Implementation Phase of our move to Ex Libris. We’ve added new information to CLIC’s Migration page, including: updates to the Pre-Implementation Timeline, members of our newly-formed P2Eplus Working Group, links to recent Alma Academy recordings, and a link to the I-Team’s Google Drive Migration folder. [Note that the Google Drive is only available to members of CLIC’s clic-migration electronic mailing list. Sign up for the list today!]

Photo by Daniel Edwins a.k.a. Webmoof of English Wikipedia
Photo by Daniel Edwins a.k.a. Webmoof of English Wikipedia

St. Olaf and Carleton recently completed their migration to Alma and Primo, and they have graciously agreed to share their knowledge with us. In preparation for the transition to the Migration phase of our project, CLIC’s I-Team is planning a field trip to St. Olaf in mid-October.

Please contact your library’s Implementation Team representative if you have questions.

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