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Durrant and ILS Task Force Honored at CLIC Luncheon

CLIC awarded special honors for outstanding service to Ben Durrant and to the ILS Task Force at the CLIC luncheon on December 14, 2012.

Ben Durrant, Webmaster/Developer at the University of St. Thomas, was awarded the CLIC User Service Award for 2011-2012.  This award is presented annually to an individual within CLIC who has done the most to improve service to users during the past year. Ben was cited for his excellent work improving CLICnet’s public display and mobile version.  As one nominator stated, “In all, Ben’s work provides great value for the students, faculty, and staff of our member institutions, improving their experience with the catalog and allowing us to show that CLIC is keeping abreast of current developments in library web services.”

The CLIC ILS Task Force was awarded the CLIC Group Effectiveness Award for 2011-2012. This award is presented annually to a group within CLIC which has best exemplified group action for the benefit of CLIC and its mission. As one nominator summed up the Task Force’s contributions, “For their persistence, patience, flexibility, analytical thinking, cogent writing, and energy and courage in the work they have already completed and the work they will continue in January in order to provide the analysis that the CLIC organization needs to make a good decision about the future of our shared system.” The ILS Task Force members include Becky Schleicher, Paddy Satzer, Linda Hulbert, Emily Asch, Earleen Warner, Jon Neilson, Angi Faiks, Jennifer Carlson, and Dixie Ohlander.

For additional photos from the CLIC luncheon, see CLIC’s Facebook page and CLIC News blog post.

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