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Erica Ross, Meg Manahan, and Greg Argo Win CLIC Awards

Twins Curator Clyde Doepner

More than 90 people attended CLIC’s Awards Luncheon at Northwestern this week. Twins Curator, Clyde Doepner, gave a delightful presentation on baseball memorabilia, and CLIC President Emily Asch announced this year’s award winners.

CLIC President Emily Asch, Erica Ross, and CLIC Director Ruth Dukelow

Erica Ross of Bethel University won the 2016 User Service Award. This award is presented to an individual within CLIC who has done the most to improve service to users during the past year. Erica was honored for providing leadership in creating efficiencies and thinking about how to make things better for all of CLIC, both our users as well as our staff. In response to the sudden removal of an IT service point, Erica quickly expanded the number of student employees and implemented a robust training program to help fill the void of the lost service point.  Without this quick and effective thinking, “there would have been a great many crabby patrons feeling like they were getting the runaround when the service they were expecting to receive in the library was no longer available.”  Erica went above and beyond the normal responsibilities to ensure the level of service users expected in the library remained the same despite a change in staffing service points. Her nominator said that Erica “has greatly added to the value the library provides for our campus.”

Another nominator indicated that Erica also “helped CLIC move towards a more consistent and user-friendly policy for lending media.  This has provided a more consistent user experience, and also helped CLIC libraries make much better use of media resources.”  Through her leadership, spirit, and care for the user, she brought about a positive shift in how media is lent among CLIC libraries.

Meg Manahan and Greg Argo
Meg Manahan and Greg Argo

Meg Manahan and Greg Argo of the University of St. Thomas won the 2016 Group Effectiveness Award. This award is presented to a group within CLIC that has best exemplified group action for the benefit of CLIC and its mission. Meg and Greg were chosen this year because of their strong leadership skills on the Project Lead Team, as well as their lack of fear for taking on complicated and large tasks.  Their natural leadership and organizational skills have shone through the work of committees and throughout CLIC.

As one nominee said “This team has worked tirelessly on CLIC’s behalf to steer the consortium through the lengthy, complicated, and demanding migration to our new LSP. While the migration has and will take lots of time and work from many, this group has flown in the lead position, forging the way for the rest of us to follow, helping to ensure that we are on track and have the information and resources we need.”

Another nominee said they “help me breathe easier and stay assured that we can see this project through to a good end.” Greg has “the ability to make mundane loads a bit lighter with his levity and a fresh perspective,” and Meg offers “organization with a smile” to keep “the larger team moving forward and energized.”

Congratulations to Erica, Meg, and Greg!

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