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Ehlert and I-Team Win 2017 CLIC Awards

And the award goes to …

Winners of the 2017 CLIC Awards are Mark Ehlert for the User Services Award, the Implementation Team for the Group Effectiveness Award, and all CLIC member library staff for the one-time Migration Support and Survival Award.  Congratulations to our winners!

Mark Ehlert, University of St. Thomas Libraries, is the 2017 recipient of the CLIC User Service Award, which is given to an individual within CLIC who has done the most to improve service to users during the past year. In the words of one nominator, Mark “was invaluable to CLIC during our Alma migration, when he combed the Ex Libris communications and documentation for relevant information and regularly passed along his own summaries or recommendations to CLIC colleagues. And post-migration, he’s been the undisputed expert on the important and complex normalization rules. He worked long hours to complete many changes before the beginning of our new school years, and has continued to study and test various norm rules and other settings to help us make things work better. He’s a born teacher and a great collaborator. We’re really fortunate to have him.” Other nominator comments include, “He was the rock that many people (beyond catalogers) stood on before, during, and after migration,” and “He has eagle eyes for spotting issues and problems,” and “Honestly, I don’t know if the guy ever sleeps…”

The Implementation Team is the 2017 recipient of the CLIC Group Effectiveness Award, which is given to a group within CLIC which has best exemplified group action for the benefit of CLIC and its mission. Team members include Amy Reinhold, Rhonda Gilbraith, Jeanine Gatzke, Jon Neilson, Frances Singh, Carmen Aslesen, Nate Farley, Becky Schleicher, Amy Shaw, Heather Tompkins, Meg Manahan, and Greg Argo. In the words of one nominator, “They put in countless hours of work, and without them we would not have had a successful migration.” Another nominator said, “They spent many hours at the CLIC office on behalf of us all and worked tirelessly to ensure that CLIC libraries stayed on the timeline.  They considered big picture questions as well as myriad details.  They collaborated with Ex Libris staff as well as other staff from CLIC libraries when they needed specific expertise.  They were committed and dedicated to seeing implementation through to completion, the result being a system transition that was as smooth and ready as possible (even to the point of being available to Ex Libris over the Memorial Day weekend).  And all that knowledge and relationship-building continue to benefit CLIC this year as libraries become more fully acquainted with the new system and new workflows.  I am deeply grateful.”

As bonus award this year, the CLIC Executive Committee gave out a special one-time award, the CLIC Migration Support and Survival Award, to all CLIC member library staff. The nominator for this award stated, “I really feel that everyone CLIC wide has done a wonderful job of implementing Alma and Primo. Institutions have created groups to work through all that we can do with both systems and have gone above and beyond what the CLIC groups could do. People who don’t normally attend CLIC meetings are stepping up in big ways. I think it would be nice to acknowledge the work everyone has done to make this transition a success.”

Congratulations to all winners, and a big thank you to our luncheon speaker, Larry Millett, who presented a fascinating program on mid-century modern architecture in Minnesota!

Please visit CLIC’s Facebook page to see all photos from the 2017 Awards Luncheon.

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