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Use CLIC Reimagines message board over break!

‘Twas the night before Christmas
and everyone’s down for the night,
so you open Lewis’ book
and you’re ready for a fight.

Yes space and open access!
No print? What the…wait!
You have thoughts about his claims,
you need discussion, debate.

Lucky for you
the message board’s there.
We just need your ideas,
don’t wait to share.

So over Christmas break,
if you’re so inclined,
get the message board hopping,
and discuss what you find.

The CLIC Reimagines message board is up and running, so if you’re going to take some time over break to dive into David Lewis’ Reimagining the Academic Library, feel free to get discussions going and start sharing your ideas.

Happy holiday break, everyone! [And thank you, LeAnn Suchy, for your poem!]

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