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CLICnet Enhancements

CLIC has implemented a number of new enhancements and fixes to CLICnet. Special thanks go to the OPAC Committee, Steve Waage, and Ben Durrant for these improvements!
  • Mobile version of catalog, reformatted for mobile display including all pages (login, request, search, result, and course reserves). Around 6500 visits to the site were mobile last fiscal year, July 2011 – June  2012.
  • Google books preview and link added for titles available in Google Books.
  • Link to a quick citation for an item.
  • About the Author link added which links to other works and background info.
  • Google analytics code added sitewide and showed that the above three enhancements were used almost 25,000 times in the past fiscal year!
  • QR code added (links to record for users going to the stacks).
  • OSF Library locations have a custom link to use for mapping the items location.
  • Location on detail page changed to full school name rather than three-digit code.
  • Tables on detail page fixed to stretch to the browser width.
  • Fixed the “Page expired” error when someone searched from a page within the site and then hit the back button.
  • Cover images link to the record now rather than the ContentCafe page.
  • Request “Fill By Date” automatically set to 30 days out from the current day.
  • Rollover color highlights search result items.
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