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CLIC Presentations at MLA Annual in St. Cloud

On Friday, October 12, 2018, CLIC will be well-represented at the Minnesota Library Association Annual Conference in St. Cloud.


Title: A Bookless Library? David Lewis’ Reimagining the Academic Library as a Map for the Future

Presenters: Serena Giese, Bethel University; Scott Kaihoi, Bethel University; and Lizzy Tegeler, St. Catherine University 

Description: Should libraries retire their print collections? Will Google eventually replace reference services entirely? During the past year the CLIC consortium (made up of six academic libraries in the Twin Cities) used David Lewis’ book Reimagining the Academic Library as a common text for discussing the future of academic libraries. Lewis’ book lays out the forces shaping librarianship today and makes a number of fairly radical recommendations to libraries considering their futures. During the first half of this session, we’ll summarize the themes and ideas Lewis sees as key to the survival of academic libraries, and how CLIC libraries are currently acting on some of them. For the second half we want to hear from you – what forces are shaping the future of your library and how are you responding? We have learned a lot from each other, and we are excited to continue the conversations with MLA attendees.


Title: Meeting Users Where They Are: Teaching Information Literacy Online

Presenters: Anne Beschnett, St. Catherine University, and Trent Brager, University of St. Thomas

Description: In the digital age, libraries need to reach their users where they are.Increasingly, that means providing online parallels to what has been traditionally offered by libraries face-to-face. The current co-chairs of the MLA’s Instruction Round Table sought to develop a community of practice around this issue to develop structure and support for delivering instruction online. Participants will gain hands-on experience developing a plan to turn face-to-face instruction into the online environment. Session participants will walk away with a clear concept of how to improve their approach to online information literacy instruction.



Title: Resume Building: Cultivating inexperienced staff in the workplace

Presenters: Jade Erickson, St. Catherine University; Nick Banitt; and Alyssa Chermak.

Description: Many new employees and student staff are entering the workforce for the first time. Leading new staff in the library provides you with the opportunity to shape their skill-set. Training new people to perform the duties of the job are of paramount importance. Do you have any have any plans to develop their skills and prepare them for future opportunities, maybe even leading them to library careers? Hear some ideas about developing new staff with practical aptitudes and stronger skill sets. Come and share some thoughts of your own.



Title: Mission Possible: Working toward a stronger staff culture

Presenters: Meg Manahan and Ann Zawistoski, University of St. Thomas

Description: The University of St. Thomas Libraries have a strong and highly competent staff, but like many libraries, we’ve had a reduction in staff numbers and a high amount of turn over in the past decade. Additionally, many on staff have seen their job responsibilities and competencies shift. The libraries have restructured and three of the Associate Directors on the leadership team were hired in the past 5 years. With all this change, how do we ensure that all staff members feel respected, valued, and heard? How do we help staff make a transition to new teams and new job descriptions? How can we build a culture in our library that values adaptability and risk-taking, and encourages open communication and transparency in decision-making? At the same time that we were grappling with these questions, the University of St. Thomas Human Resources department was looking to broaden their services on campus to do more organizational development work. The Library management team and Human Resources department have collaborated to develop a program of intentional professional and organizational development activities, named “Mission Possible: Libraries.” The goal of this program is to of strengthen our staff and our culture. At this session, we’ll talk about our goals, processes, and activities that were developed for the program as well as talk about how staff responded, what worked, what didn’t, and how we plan to continue to build a strong staff culture.



Title: MN Writes MN Reads: Tips for Connecting with Writers

Presenters: Ruth Dukelow, CLIC; Andrea McKennan, MELSA; and Sarah Hawkins, ECRL

Description: MN Writes MN Reads is a suite of tools that connects local writers with local readers (and potentially with readers across the country). These tools available free to all Minnesota residents thanks to a collaboration between Minnesota libraries. Attend this session for a refresher on MN Writes MN Reads, ideas for how to introduce these tools to writers, and some examples of how these tools are being used. Winners of the MN Writes MN Reads author contest will be highlighted in this session.

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