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Get Ready for Artificial Intelligence!


UPDATE: CLIC’s Annual Conference, Artificial Intelligence, Creative Design, and Libraries, will be held on Tuesday, April 23, 2019, in St. Paul, MN. Further details are posted here.

“Artificial Intelligence (AI), Creative Design, and Libraries” is the CLIC theme for FY18-19. CLIC member library staff will address AI issues throughout the year, culminating in a CLIC-wide conference on April 23.

Following is an AI Reading List to get you started on CLIC’s Year of AI and Libraries. Enjoy!

AI and Libraries

The Robots are Coming? Libraries and Artificial Intelligence, IFLA

Artificial intelligence and the library of the future, revisited

Libraries in the age of Artificial Intelligence, Information Today

What happens to libraries and librarians when machines can read all the books?

How libraries might change when AI, Machine learning, open data, block chain & other technologies are the norm

Ed Walters.Read/Write: Artificial intelligence Libraries. How information professionals can put AI tools into practice.

Roanoke County Library first in the nation to have robot as part of team

Stanford Libraries’ AI Series

AI and Design Thinking

Design & Artificial Intelligence: Complementary Approaches to Expand Human Intelligence

Why AI Needs a Dose of Design Thinking

AI will assist creative professionals, not replace them

Design-Thinking: How Will Artificial Intelligence Shape Our World?

Design thinking for AI Conference

AI and Metadata

Metadata, AI and automated workflows: Vendors’ news tech plans

Data, metadata and the AI horizon

Artificial Intelligence & Metadata Cataloguing: Advice For Digital Asset Managers

How AI and metadata are taking the hard work out of content discovery

Data – the fuel for artificial intelligence

AI – miscellaneous

AI for Good conference

AI for literacy for all: Q&A with Matt Keller

How video games can help Artificial Intelligence deliver real-world impact

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