In CLIC, member libraries work together, recognizing our independence and interdependence, to achieve increased impact. CLIC supports member libraries in their goals, coordinating efforts that lead to expansive service and economical results. To read more about the value of CLIC, see CLIC Value: Resource Sharing, Quality Service, and Cost Savings (PDF).

The CLIC Community

Cooperating Libraries in Consortium (CLIC) is comprised of seven academic libraries in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Working together since 1969, CLIC provides our member academic communities a world-class research library experience. In our first 45 years, CLIC member libraries have proven that working together creates better and more cost-effective outcomes than working alone. CLIC’s mission flows from the missions of our member libraries, and the collaborative framework is built to enhance our strengths and to support the research occurring at our institutions. We count our staff, collections, and facilities among our collective strengths and strategically use our combined assets in creative, collaborative, and effective ways. Together, we share resources, provide greater quality of service, and reduce and contain costs.

CLIC Vision

CLIC exists to create a world-class research library experience for our academic communities

CLIC Mission

CLIC enhances the strengths of its member libraries by making library users the focus of our collaborative work; sharing best practices, ideas, and resources to improve services; and engaging library staff in professional development, thereby fostering leadership, creativity, and innovation in the pursuit of excellence.

CLIC Values

Leadership:  developing and practicing leadership in our consortium, our libraries, our home institutions, and our professions.

Agility: thinking and acting nimbly to address both present needs and future opportunities.

Collegiality: working together openly, skillfully, and collaboratively in ways that recognize and support both our independence and our interdependence.

Excellence: in providing information and services to our users.

Sharing: ideas collections, systems, and services.

CLIC Member Libraries

Augsburg College
Bethel University
Concordia University, St. Paul
Hamline University
St. Catherine University
University of Northwestern-St. Paul
University of St. Thomas

CLIC Board of Directors, 2016-2017

  • Augsburg College – Mary Hollerich
  • Bethel University – David Stewart
  • Concordia University, St. Paul – Charlotte Knoche
  • Hamline University – Terry Metz
  • St. Catherine University – Emily Asch
  • University of Northwestern-St. Paul – Ruth McGuire
  • University of St. Thomas – Dan Gjelten

Board Officers/Executive Committee

  • President – Emily Asch
  • Vice President/President-Elect – Terry Metz
  • Treasurer – David Stewart
  • Secretary/CLIC Executive Director – Ruth Dukelow

CLIC Staff

  • Ruth Dukelow, CLIC Executive Director
  • Maureen Fitzgerald, Business Manager

New Staff

To add new staff to the CLIC Directory, Committee Mailing Lists and to receive access to the committee Google Sites, go to the following page: New Staff

CLIC Awards

CLIC presents two awards each year to member library staff: the User Service Award and the Group Effectiveness Award. The User Service Award is given to an individual within CLIC who has done the most to improve service to users during the past year. The Group Effectiveness Award is given to a group within CLIC which has best exemplified group action for the benefit of CLIC and its mission. Click here for a list of past award winners.

CLIC History

A CLIC History paper was created by Karen Harwood in December of 2010.  This history outlines the events of the association from it’s earliest days.  CLIC HISTORY


This tutorial was developed by a group of librarians from Cooperating Libraries in Consortium. It is intended for use by college students. Faculty are welcome to recommend the tutorial to their students. Librarians may use this material for their own projects. Click here to view the Plagiarism Tutorial.

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