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Plagiarism Tutorial Quiz Answers

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True or False? Plagiarism is theft.
True. Plagiarism is stealing someone else’s words or ideas.

True or False? Which of the following is a form of plagiarism?

  1. Failure to use quotation marks or block quotes when quoting a source directly.
    True. Whenever you use an author’s exact words, depending on the style guide you are using, you must enclose the words in quotation marks, or use a block format.
  2. Failure to thoroughly paraphrase a borrowed idea.
    True. Many students believe that if they use synonyms for certain words but retain the original sentence structure of their source, they have not plagiarized.
  3. Failure to cite the source of borrowed information
    True. Students who are in a hurry or who write their papers at the last minute may forget to give credit for the original of the information they use.
  4. Purchasing a paper online and turning it in as your own
    True. Outright stealing of papers is an unfortunate reality, but it is not very common. This is due in part because many colleges use plagiarism detection software such as Turn-it-in.

True or False?It is easy to plagiarize.
True. It takes greater effort to avoid plagiarism than to plagiarize.

True or False?  By including a citation at the end of each paragraph in your paper, you have successfully avoided plagiarism by giving credit to your sources.
False. Merely tacking a parenthetical or footnote reference at the end of a paragraph does not distinguish the ideas in that paragraph that are borrowed from the ideas that are your own.

True or False? You should always introduce your paraphrases to let the reader know when a borrowed idea begins.
True. Merely including a citation at the end of a paragraph does not give thorough credit to the source. It is important to lead into a paraphrase with an introduction of the original source. Introducing borrowed words or ideas is an important step in giving other authors the credit they deserve.

True or False? You should list all of your sources (from which you have incorporated ideas) in a works cited page at the end of your writing project.
True. If you do not include a full citation for a book or an article at the end of your essay, you have not given full credit to the source of your borrowed ideas and quotations.

True or False? It is better to have too many citations in your paper than too few.
True. When in doubt, cite your source of information.

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